1. Introduction
  2. Arnold D. Richards, MD
  3. Arnold D. Richards
  4. Jane Hall, LCSW
  5. Jane Hall
  6. Marsha Levy-Warren, Ph.D.
  7. Marsha Levy-Warren
  8. Roger Rahtz, MD
  9. Roger Rahtz
  10. Talia Hatzor, Ph.D.
  11. Talia Hatzor
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What Does That Bring to Mind?

What Does That Bring to Mind?

Over a century ago, Sigmund Freud put forth a revolutionary theory of the way our minds work. According to his psychoanalytic model, we repress certain conflicts and desires, but from their new home in the unconscious, they continue to affect the way we think, act, and relate. Psychoanalytic theory has evolved quite a bit in the years since, but the fundamental belief in the unconscious remains. And analysts adhere to the basic tenets of the practice Freud devised: they still see patients several times a week, sitting behind them as they lie on the couch and free associate. What's it like to be a psychoanalyst? Five explain in the videos below, and like their patients, you'll see their offices, but not their faces.

Arnold D. Richards, MD

Upper East Side

Jane Hall, LCSW

West Village

Marsha Levy-Warren, Ph.D.

Upper West Side

Roger Rahtz, MD

Upper East Side

Talia Hatzor, Ph.D.

Upper West Side

Interviews and audio by Jessica Gross. See her work here.

Photography and editing by Kristin Oakley. See her work here.